Alianza Pomace Olive Oil 5L


Brand Alianza
Packaging 5L * 3 bottles / carton
Shelf Life 24 months
Country of Origin Spain
Port Port of Algeciras Bay


Olive Pomace Oil is produced from the pulp and leftover flesh of the olives, after the first press is done creating Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Even though it’s a lower grade of oil that makes use of the “leftover” oil in the olive remains, it is still produced from olives.

Olive oil is one of the most well-regarded oils in the world. Even if it is a lower grade of oil, being “second best” is still better than many of the alternatives out there in the market.

For any food manufacturer looking for a healthy alternative to conventional soybean oil, this is a common choice: it’s healthier, it’s well regarded, and it still has a light color and flavor to make it a simple substitute.


It’s Non-GMO

All the grades of olive oil, including olive pomace oil, are usually non-GMO. As more and more consumers look for assurance that their food is non-GMO (or Non-GMO Project Verified™), this naturally GMO free ingredient is an ideal choice.


It’s Gluten Free

Olive pomace oil is a naturally gluten free ingredient. This may seem obvious to some, but since many manufacturers now have to confirm the gluten free statement of their ingredients, it’s always helpful to reiterate.