About Fresa

Cakirmelikoglu Mineral Water Enterprises founded in 1997 in Giresun Inisdibi Village, achieves sectoral growth by integrating the deep values of a family company with the modern Dynamics. Cakirmelikoglu Mineral Water Enterprises is one of first companies in Turkey producing natural fruit flavoured mineral water and has a worldwide rare mineral water spring that surfaces earth cold. The Inisdibi facility is established on 3300m2 indoor area and has a production capacity of 70.000bottles/hour. In order to be close to metropoles a new facility has been established in 2007 in Bursa Inegol Kursunlu on 20.000m2 indoor area and landscape. In Bursa, famous for its nature, established on the lower slopes of Uludag, has a 200.000 bottles/hour production capacity and is one of Giresun-Inisdibi Facility Turkey's newest and most modern facilities. To form a protected area, 90 acres of land surrounding the source have been purchased.

Product Range

Carbonated Mineral Water